Route d’Amuse

Welcome to the Valkenburg’ “route d’Amuse”

This culinairy walking tour will be organized this winter for the thirteenth time. You can choose from three different routes, each with five restaurants, where you will enjoy delicious delicacies and cosiness among friends and fellow Burgundy-style-hikers.

The Amuse Bites are the culinary business card of every Amuse company. Not heavy-duty hiking, but an active culinary program for people with Burgundy character. Young and old, “Carni” and “Vega”, fast on the legs or slightly handicapped (though sometimes with a challenge); everyone is welcome. Upon presentation (scanning) of this ticket you will receive the ticket with the coupons at the points of sale; search for all partners under there most questions are answered.

Reservation is not possible; not even for groups. It would be convenient to split groups larger than 15 people into smaller ones to enjoy faster service. On Sundays after December 1, it can be lively (but also cozy) especially in smaller restaurants; we ask for your understanding.

The Routes d’Amuse take place from 16 November until 6 January 2019, every day between noon and 6pm. The tours can not be walked on December 24th, 25th, 31st and New Year’s Day. December 26th only until 4pm. The price is € 11,95 including the five Amuse-Bites. Tickets are available at VVV Zuid-Limburg and at the participating restaurants.

The route descriptions are in Dutch language at this time. However if you pick up and understand a few of the Dutch words or ask a fellow-hiker once in a while you will have not many problems on these routes. Asserdem finden Especially since maps of the routes are included and your will find a detailed version on Google Maps.

See for details and the ‘links’ to the webshop.

Enjoy your amuse-bites and have fun walking Valkenburg … !